Donor Advised Fund Distribution Requests

If you are a Fund Advisor and would like to request a distribution from a fund, please complete and return this form to the MMACF office.  
Distribution Request Form


How can I contribute?

Giving is very personal. Each one of us has our favorite causes that we feel passionate about.  At the same time, we are part of a larger community and want to see it thrive.  Since giving is very personal. Each one of us has our favorite causes that we feel passionate about.  At the same time, we are part of a larger community and want to see it thrive.  Since 1994, people like you, giving gifts from $5 to $500,000, have pooled their resources to ensure there will always be resources available in the future to meet the community’s most pressing needs and promising opportunities.

Directing a contribution through the MMACF is easy and impactful.  Your gift creates or adds to a charitable fund to benefit causes important to you now and for the long term.  You can:

  • Donate to the Foundation’s Grant Cycle Funds, which annually provide grants for identified community needs.
  • Establish a Donor Advised Fund so you can remain highly involved in your charitable giving.
  • Start a Scholarship Fund to memorialize or honor someone, celebrate your alma mater or promote a chosen career field.
  • Create a Field of Interest Fund to focus your giving on a specific area.
  • Begin a Designated Fund, which allows you to identify a specific non-profit organization as the grant beneficiary.
  • Create a Standing Legacy Society Fund by remembering the Foundation in your will.

What assets can I use to contribute to a fund?

Giving is easy and can be accomplished with a variety of tax-deductible gifts, including:

  • Cash:  Cash is the simplest gift to give.  You can combine multiple cash gifts over time to establish a fund at the MMACF.
  • Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds:  These often provide greater tax benefits than cash gifts of equivalent value, especially if they have a low cost basis.
  • 401K and IRA Accounts:  Avoid the possibility of income and estate taxes by directing retirement assets to the MMACF as part of your estate plan.
  • Life Insurance Policy:  Give a significant future gift to charity and receive tax benefits in the year of the gift.
  • Charitable Bequest:  A charitable bequest enables you to make a much larger and more significant contribution than may have been possible during your lifetime.  In doing so, you may minimize your tax burden and provide for your family while at the same time honoring loved ones, preserving your family name, and reinforcing your personal values.

What are the advantages of using the Foundation’s services?

Personalized Service
We offer tools and resources that make giving easy, flexible and effective.  We take it a step further by connecting you with non-profit organizations who seek monetary assistance for projects and programs in our communities.  In addition, we conduct site visits to ensure your resources are used as directed.
Local Expertise
We are a local organization staffed with people from your community and led by a local Board of Directors.  Our team has in-depth knowledge of the issues, opportunities and resources that shape our communities, enabling them to play a key role in solving community problems, while helping donors learn more about local needs in order to make their giving as effective as possible.
Community Leadership
We are fundamental in addressing community needs, now and in the future.  We build endowments to ensure grants support our communities forever.  Our work builds relationships with other nonprofits in Marinette and Menominee Counties.  We foster the development of new organizations and programs, support high-impact opportunities and re-direct funds as community needs change.

For more information, please contact Paula at 906-864-3599 or [email protected].