Standing Legacy Society

Our Standing Legacy Society honors individuals who have committed to supporting communities across Marinette and Menominee Counties forever through a gift from their estate. Often, these meaningful gifts go unrecognized because they come at the end of a donor’s life. The Standing Legacy Society is our way of acknowledging your commitment to the future – today.

Making a legacy gift reflects your ongoing commitment to the places we call home and the causes you value most! It enables you to act on your convictions and make a difference for others many years from now.

Dr. North and Jan Shetter – Standing Legacy Society Members

Become A Standing Legacy Society Member

Joining the Standing Legacy Society requires two steps

1.  Include a charitable bequest designating the Community Foundation as a beneficiary in your estate plan. Such bequests are generally accomplished by including the Foundation as a beneficiary of:

  • A will or trust
  • An IRA or 401K retirement plan
  • A life insurance policy
  • A charitable gift annuity, charitable remainder trust or other planned gift

2.  Inform the M&M Area Community Foundation that you have made the necessary arrangements by completing the membership form.

“Jan and I got involved with the Foundation because we believe in its commitment to be a vehicle for helping people do good work. We want to be a part of a better future long after we are gone.  The Standing Legacy Society provides an opportunity for us to make a lasting impact through support of the Foundation in our estate plan.”

– Dr. North Shetter

Standing Legacy Society Members

Karen and Philip Zwergel
Kenn and Beth Zelten
Robert W.E. Beyersdorf
Kim and Janice Herrild
Bart and Laurie Stupak
Dr. North and Janet Shetter
Grace and Morris Mundt
Stan and Paula Gruszynski

Why give to charity through an estate plan?

Planning an estate gift allows you to strategically accomplish both financial and charitable objectives. For many people, these include preserving the family name, honoring loved ones, providing for heirs, minimizing tax burdens, and supporting the community they call home. Bequests to the Community Foundation are exempt from estate taxes.

Who can make a legacy gift?

Anyone with a desire to give back can make a legacy gift. Many people give assets including IRAs, securities, real estate, insurance benefits, and cash. People are pleased to learn how easy it is to create a lasting legacy.

What good work can I do with my legacy gift?

Tell us what is important to you. You can enrich education, protect the environment, provide food, clothing, and shelter to those in need, safeguard health, and more.

Where can I do the most good?

That depends on what you want to accomplish. We are knowledgeable regarding local needs, critical programs, and projects. We can help you craft a plan to support the causes you care about most in Marinette and Menominee Counties.

When should I include the gift in my estate plan?

Any time you are drafting or changing your will or estate plan, you may want to consider charitable legacy gifts. Your financial or legal advisor can provide professional guidance related to your specific estate, beneficiaries, income goals, taxes, and other considerations. When you notify us of the gift, you are automatically eligible to become a member of our Standing Legacy Society.

How do I plan an estate gift?

Call your estate advisor, talk to us or consult with both. We provide confidential philanthropic services to prospective donors and their professional advisors, without pressure or obligation. Giving a legacy gift is simple:

  • You include a bequest or planned gift to the Community Foundation in your estate plan and notify us.
  • Upon your death, we establish a fund in the name you’ve chosen or your bequest contributes to an existing fund.