Community Stars

Perhaps you find yourself thinking of all those friends and family members who leaned in when you needed them, who provided support and encouragement in endless creative ways and in doing so lightened your load, strengthened your resolve, brought a smile to your face.  These individuals deserve acknowledgment and may appreciate receiving it in a way that further strengthens their community.

Please consider saying ‘Thank you’ by naming them a “Community Star”.  Your STAR will receive written acknowledgment from the Foundation of your appreciation and be added to our Community Star page on our website.  We will also highlight them on our social media pages. 

Nominate your Community Star!




Bernie Beyer

Bernie has put a smile on my face, and she has helped many others in our community with her work with FISH, Menominee Methodist Church, Menominee Animal Shelter, and many others.

Dr. and Mrs. Clark Boren

Nominated by Clark Boren Jr. and Victoria Seward

La Cabana Restaurant

Jeremiah & Ashley Haile Family

Nominated by John and Peggy Peterson

Bob Landenberger

Bob has put a smile on my face by his efforts at Pioneer Presbyterian Church from raking leaves to running the video screens and many other things that need to be done.  He was always there.  He also put a smile on many other people’s faces by being a driver for FISH, taking people to medical care when they had no other way to get there.

Paul and Renee Miller

Paul and Renee have been volunteers in our community for many years with organizations like Junior Chamber of Commerce, Kiwanis and Moose Club.

Jo Anne Nipple

Jo Anne has helped many people in our communities by planning, organizing and implementing “Baby Care Hope” to provide diapers to many families.  She is involved in other community activities as well.

Terry Picard

Nominated by Jim and Mary Taylor

Please consider making a donation in honor of your COMMUNITY STAR.

The adage ‘to give is to receive’ is exemplified through our Community-Wide Fund which provides grants to nonprofits across Marinette and Menominee Counties.  It is only because of the generosity of our community members that lives are improved, hope is inspired, and our community is strengthened…for that we say THANK YOU!