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Many of today’s solutions result from yesterday’s giving.  In 1994, the M&M Area Community Foundation was started to manage those “gifts for the future” by way of a permanent community endowment.  The many gifts to the MMACF represent not only the donor’s generosity but also their confidence, trust, and vision of the future.

How it Works

Your client chooses their favorite nonprofits and specify how much they want each organization to receive.  We distribute the charitable gifts on their behalf, either in a lump sum or in annual distributions over a period of years determined by you.  Partnering with us saves them money now and time later when giving through their estate plan.

They have contributed much to this community and the M&M Area Community Foundation has been in step with them.  Awareness of the Foundations’ tremendous impact has stimulated more giving.  Their gift to the MMACF will magnify and be replicated by their family, friends and neighbors.

Why Partner With Us

  • Generate tax saving
  • Benefit those charitable organizations that are close to their heart
  • Make their charitable giving more efficient
  • Amplify their grant-making capacity as investment returns increase the value of the fund
  • Draw on the Foundation’s experience and expertise
  • Provide legacy options for them and their families
  • We honor their gifts to any 501(c)(3) nonprofit in good standing, including non-local and religious organizations.
  • Should one of their specified nonprofits cease to exist, we follow their predetermined directions to distribute their gift to another charity.
  • Wary of giving a windfall to specified nonprofits?  They can instruct the Foundation to release funds to them over a number of years.
  • The Foundation can help make charitable distributions from their estate easier for their Executor. One check from their estate, payable to MMACF, triggers their predetermined charitable plan.

Ways to Give

  • Cash:  Cash is the simplest gift to give.  Your clients can combine multiple cash gifts over time to establish a fund at the MMACF.
  • Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds:  These often provide greater tax benefits than cash gifts of equivalent value, especially if they have a low cost basis.
  • 401K and IRA Accounts:  Avoid the possibility of income and estate taxes by directing retirement assets to the MMACF as part of estate planning.
  • Life Insurance Policy:  Give a significant future gift to charity and receive tax benefits in the year of the gift.
  • Charitable Bequest:  A charitable bequest enables your clients to make a much larger and more significant contribution than may have been possible during their lifetime.  In doing so, they may minimize tax burden and provide for their families while at the same time honoring loved ones, preserving their family name, and reinforcing their personal values.

Standing Legacy Society

The Standing Legacy Society recognizes individuals and couples who have agreed to make a future donation to the MMACF. This can be accomplished in a number of fashions and the MMACF is willing to discuss these options with your clients at any time.  The purpose of the society is to acknowledge and thank those who have made such a commitment, and to encourage and inspire others to do the same.

A legacy will help insure that we all have a better tomorrow!  Members of the Legacy Society help insure that future generations will enjoy all that Marinette and Menominee Counties have to offer.

Standing Legacy Society Brochure

Who joins the Legacy Society?
Members of the Standing Legacy Society have a few things in common.  They have worked hard, saved wisely, and invested well.  They understand the power of endowments and know that the assets they leave to the Foundation will continue to grow and support good work for generations to come.  Most importantly, they love the Marinette Menominee area and want to see it thrive forever.
How do I join the Legacy Society?
First, arrange for a planned future gift to the MMACF.  Second, inform the Foundation that they have made that commitment.  We will not ask how much is being left to the MMACF but we will encourage them to discuss their commitment with us to ensure we comply with their future wishes.  Bequests from a will or trust, or by naming of the MMACF as the beneficiary of an IRA or life insurance policy, are the most common ways to leave a future gift to the Community Foundation.

For more information, please contact Paula at 906-864-3599 or [email protected].