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Has your child received their FREE $50 Future Fund savings account from the M&M Area Community Foundation (MMACF)?  This will be the third year that every kindergarten student at schools across Marinette and Menominee Counties have an account established for them by the Community Foundation. 

Second grade students in Stephenson recently took a walking field trip to Nicolet National Bank for a “deposit day” as part of the Future Fund program.  Students were given an additional $5 from the Community Foundation to deposit in to their savings account. 

The Foundation’s Future Fund is modeled after Children’s Savings Accounts programs which have been established in communities across the United States.  The Future Fund is designed to encourage hope, build savings, assist with career training/post-secondary education expenses, and increase financial literacy.  Future Fund accounts will continue to grow by additional deposits from the Foundation during the students’ K-12 school career.

The funds may be used for tuition, books, and other necessary costs of attending school.  If a student has special needs, withdrawals may be used to pay for accommodations required for the student to attend school, integrate into their community, and life skills or career training.

The Future Fund enrollment process is managed by the Community Foundation, school districts and participating savings institutions which include Nicolet National Bank, Stephenson National Bank & Trust, Peshtigo National Bank, Embers Credit Union, and Integra First Federal Credit Union.

“The Future Fund is about hope.  It isn’t about fifty dollars; it is about the possibilities that having a savings account affords.  Hope is priceless.  Fantasizing about what you want to be when you grow up is an important exercise for a child.  Making sure that children know that they have value is what this is about.  It is an opportunity for every child to feel important, learn about financial literacy, and dream of what tomorrow will bring and how they can give back to the communities that supported them,” said Paula Gruszynski, MMACF Executive Director.

The goal is to build a one-million-dollar endowment to fully fund the promise made to our children.  The Foundation needs community support to reach this goal – we need you to help us keep that promise!

For more information on how to give back to our communities via the Future Fund, please contact Paula Gruszynski at 906-864-3599.  Checks for the Future Fund endowment may be mailed to the MMACF at 1110 10th Avenue, Suite L-1, Menominee, MI 49858.

Stephenson 2nd grade students line up to make their deposit at Nicolet National Bank.

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